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20 Amazing Quotes About Fireplace Surround

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jamfly-electric-fireplace-mantel-packageChoosing a freestanding electric fireplace Surround

The perfect surround can add character to your living space regardless of whether you are using it for warmth or to enhance your aesthetics. It can be difficult to choose the right fireplace surround that is both safe and compliant with the code.

These custom-built surrounds are built of non-combustible materials that adhere to the National Fire Code. They are a great addition to any style home.

Simple Concrete Surround with Marble Slabs

A fireplace surround can be an important focal point in a room, and can provide warmth and a sense of style. It can be crafted using a selection of materials and be designed to fit different styles of design. It is important to think about the style of the room and the budget before choosing the style of the fireplace surround.

Marble fireplace surrounds give an elegant look that is compatible with various styles of design. They can be paired with rustic woods or modern metals to create a unique, modern style. Marble is fairly easy to maintain and can stand up to high temperatures, which makes it a great choice for a fireplace surround.

Stone is a classic material for fireplace surrounds that has a timeless look and can be used in a variety of homes. It can be carved or etched to create a modern look, or left untouched to give it a traditional feel. Stacked stone veneers are a popular option that can be used to give depth and texture to rooms.

Granite is a popular material for modern fireplace surrounds because it's durable and stands up to heat extremely well. It is also available in a variety of patterns and colors, making it a great choice to create a variety of styles. Quartzite is a different, durable material that can be shaped and made into a modern fireplace surround.

The installation of a concrete surround for a fireplace may be feasible for DIYers. While it may seem daunting but it can be simpler than you think if you plan ahead and work with a professional to ensure that the structure is strong enough.

A professional is also recommended when creating a marble fireplace surround because it requires particular attention to avoid damage. A skilled carpenter can help avoid making mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

If you're planning on using tile for your fireplace's surround, be sure it's suitable for high-temperature uses. This information is usually located on the package, or you can ask an employee in the home improvement store.

Leaning Frame Surround

The fireplace surround can completely transform the look of a room. It's not just designed to look attractive, but also has a functional purpose that is to shield the wall mounted fireplace behind the fireplace from fire damage and deflect heat away from the room. It is available in a variety of materials and can be adapted for any style or decor.

The right choice of material is crucial to achieving a deliberate aesthetic. Concrete is a great choice because it is durable and non-flammable. It also has a lot of visual appeal due to its natural texture and colour. It is usually poured in a mold to give you the possibility of making a unique shape.

Layers are essential when designing your leaning frames. This makes the frame appear more organized rather than randomly placed. If you are planning to display heavy objects such as lamps or vases on frames that lean, put a piece of lining for a drawer made of rubber under the base. This will prevent them from sliding or damaging surfaces.

Consider adding a wooden plank to the bottom of a concrete or a marble surround. This will help to keep it in the right place. It will also help to reduce the weight of the object and stop it from moving when you're enjoying a nice glass of wine or a cup of coffee in front of your fireplace.

After you've selected the material you'll use for your frame's leaning frame and frame, you can begin making the actual piece. Draw a line on the wall to indicate the dimensions for your surround. Then with a saw, cut cleats along each line. Make sure that the cleat on top is at least 1 foot longer than the shelf.

Then, you can screw the brackets onto the wall. Make sure that the bolts are inserted into the backerboard and into the stud. If necessary, drill the screw holes. Then you can temporarily clamp the mantel on the backer board. Fix the mantel using bolts for lag (2-4 bolts per stud). Make sure the bolts are strong and long enough to cover the thickness of the backerboard, plus 2/3 of the mantel's depth.

Black Firebox Surround

Fireplace surrounds serve an aesthetic and functional function. They shield walls from heat damage and also reflect some of the heat back into the room and can make a fire more of an eye-catching feature in an area. Wood and metal are the most commonly used materials used for fireplace surrounds. Metal surrounds may be required by building codes to safeguard nearby combustible areas or they can simply enhance the aesthetic of a electric fireplace freestanding, making it look more attractive.

The fireplace in this modern living space has an all-black firebox with white marble accents. The marble is more expensive and requires more maintenance than wood, yet it is a striking design aspect to the room. The black finish also blends with the dark tones of the furniture as well as the wood flooring to create a seamless appearance.

While you might associate concrete with sidewalks and driveways, it's a very flexible and attractive material for fireplace surrounds. It can be cut into a variety of shapes and then poured into place, providing almost endless design options. This concrete surround was cut into a curved shape. It creates an elegant and contemporary look that contrasts with the darker shades of the brick wall and wood flooring.

Wood is a different popular material that is used for fireplace surrounds. It is available in a variety of textures and colors that can be incorporated into any style of decor. Wooden surrounds can be finished in any shade to fit your hearth pad. They are less heavy and cheaper than brick surrounds. Most wooden surrounds are designed to accommodate ornaments for the mantel, like lamps and vase.

Certain wood surrounds come with an edging that covers the top of mantel and houses doors for fireplaces. The faceplate can be secured with decorative hinges or fasteners that replicate the look of iron wrought.

When choosing a mantel made of wood or a fireplace surround made of metal It is crucial to consider the height of your chimney. To avoid a fire spreading to your home, building codes specify minimum clearances. This distance can vary depending on what kind of fireplace you own and also from state to state or country to country.

Simple Wood Surround

If you want your fireplace to have a traditional wood appearance, there are different types of surrounds that you can purchase. Certain surrounds are constructed of solid oak, while others include stone legs with oak or pine mantels. You can also find oak or pine fire surrounds that are designed to be a cheap and simple option.

Many people prefer to purchase pre-made wood fireplace surrounds because it is a cost-effective way to achieve the look they desire without hiring carpenters. Certain pre-made fireplace surrounds made from pine are available in a variety of finishes to match it to your existing decor.

A handcrafted wood fire surround made of high-quality oak is also popular. It can be stained with a light oak color or left untreated to ensure that the natural golden brown of the wood is visible. This fireplace surround is suitable for wood or gas-burning fires and is available either with an arched or flat opening.

For those who have more experience with DIY home improvement projects, there are plenty of tutorials available online to help you create your own wooden fire surround. One example is this comprehensive step-by-step tutorial from H2O Bungalow that teaches you how to construct a rustic-looking wood surround out of pine.

The tutorial will show you how to construct the horizontal component of the fireplace surround first, local then how to construct the columns or pilasters vertically that support the mantel. After these are built you can put in the mantel. Finally, the tutorial shows you how to add the crown molding which will be used to fill in any gaps between the cladding and surrounding wall.

It is crucial to adhere to the local fire code when putting in a wooden surround around the fireplace. You should keep the surround 6 inches from the edge of the opening. Use a non-flammable glue to join the decorative molding to the surround and ensure it is held in place.


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